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Finding a suitable driving instructor in Singapore

Finding a suitable driving instructor in Singapore

Every learner drivers have different learning styles and speed. While there are some driving instructors who are able to teach all kinds of learner drivers well, most driving instructors have their own preference and suitability for learner drivers. This boils down to the character and personalities of the learner drivers and driving instructors. They will have to match each other in order to be able to work together well.

For instance, if the driving instructor is the type who will emphasize the mistakes of the learner driver and nag non-stop till the learner driver rectifies the mistakes, the ideal type of learner driver must be the one who can handle the nagging. Those learner drivers who are unable to tolerate nagging and unable to perform under stress will be unsuitable for the driving instructor. There will be a mismatch here.

For school learner drivers, there are not much they can do since they cannot choose their driving instructors for their lessons. The driving instructors are assigned to them automatically via the scheduling software of the driving centers.

For private learner drivers, they can switch driving instructors till they find the suitable one for them. I will highly recommend the private learner drivers to engage driving match up agencies for this purpose.

Driving match up agencies provide the free service of matching up learner drivers and private driving instructors. Visit to take a look at what they can offer you. Sglearntodrive is one of the top driving match up agencies in Singapore. If the learner drivers find the private driving instructor that is allocated to them unsuitable, they can request for a change of instructor. The driving match up agency will then get another driving instructor for them. This saves a lot of time for the learner drivers as they do not have to find the private driving instructors themselves. Besides, most of the driving match up agencies waive the registration fee for engaging subsequent private driving instructors. This means that the learner drivers will have to pay the registration fee only once. If they find and switch private driving instructors on their own, they will normally have to pay registration fee to each private driving instructor in order to start the first lesson. There will be huge cost and time savings for the learner drivers if they engage the driving match up agencies.

Some learner drivers are lucky to get a suitable driving instructor the first time. For those that do not, I will recommend to switch instructors till you get a suitable one. It will be much better to learn from a suitable instructor than wasting time and money learning from an unsuitable driving instructor.

Comparing Singapore private driving lessons and school driving lessons

Comparing Singapore private driving lessons and school driving lessons

Would you choose to take driving lessons from a private driving instructor or from driving centers’ driving instructors?

There are 3 main differences you ought to know between the 2 choices. Hence, make sure you know all the differences so that you will be able to make an informed decision.

Number one. Private driving instructors are freelance driving instructors while driving instructors from driving centers are employed by the driving centers for a fixed salary. Considering this, private driving instructors have higher motivation to teach learner drivers well as their performance affects their reputation. Their reputation will in turn affect their referrals. Ultimately, their income level will be hit. On the other hand, the driving instructors employed by the driving centers will be paid the same salary regardless of their performance. Hence, they will have less incentive to teach well. I am not saying that all driving centers’ instructors will teach badly. It is just that they will have less incentive to do so.

Number two. Private driving lessons are cheaper than school driving lessons. On average, you can expect private driving lessons to be 20% to 30% cheaper than school driving lessons. If you take 20 lessons, you can save up between $400 to $600 in total.

Number three. If you choose to have private driving lessons, you will be taught by a single private driving instructor for all lessons. On the other hand, driving centers will assign different driving instructors to you for your lessons. You may not get the same driving instructor for your lessons every time. Hence, if you take up driving centers’ driving lessons, your progress will not be tracked as well as learning from a dedicated private driving instructor. This will result in more repeated and redundant lessons and time spent on practicing driving techniques you already mastered as the instructors are not convinced of your skills.

If you wish to sign up for lessons with a private driving instructor, head over to and submit a request form. Otherwise, if you wish to sign up for lessons with driving instructors at driving centers, head over to their websites or their physical counters.