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Finding a suitable driving instructor in Singapore

Finding a suitable driving instructor in Singapore

Every learner drivers have different learning styles and speed. While there are some driving instructors who are able to teach all kinds of learner drivers well, most driving instructors have their own preference and suitability for learner drivers. This boils down to the character and personalities of the learner drivers and driving instructors. They will have to match each other in order to be able to work together well.

For instance, if the driving instructor is the type who will emphasize the mistakes of the learner driver and nag non-stop till the learner driver rectifies the mistakes, the ideal type of learner driver must be the one who can handle the nagging. Those learner drivers who are unable to tolerate nagging and unable to perform under stress will be unsuitable for the driving instructor. There will be a mismatch here.

For school learner drivers, there are not much they can do since they cannot choose their driving instructors for their lessons. The driving instructors are assigned to them automatically via the scheduling software of the driving centers.

For private learner drivers, they can switch driving instructors till they find the suitable one for them. I will highly recommend the private learner drivers to engage driving match up agencies for this purpose.

Driving match up agencies provide the free service of matching up learner drivers and private driving instructors. Visit to take a look at what they can offer you. Sglearntodrive is one of the top driving match up agencies in Singapore. If the learner drivers find the private driving instructor that is allocated to them unsuitable, they can request for a change of instructor. The driving match up agency will then get another driving instructor for them. This saves a lot of time for the learner drivers as they do not have to find the private driving instructors themselves. Besides, most of the driving match up agencies waive the registration fee for engaging subsequent private driving instructors. This means that the learner drivers will have to pay the registration fee only once. If they find and switch private driving instructors on their own, they will normally have to pay registration fee to each private driving instructor in order to start the first lesson. There will be huge cost and time savings for the learner drivers if they engage the driving match up agencies.

Some learner drivers are lucky to get a suitable driving instructor the first time. For those that do not, I will recommend to switch instructors till you get a suitable one. It will be much better to learn from a suitable instructor than wasting time and money learning from an unsuitable driving instructor.

Some rules to abide during driving lessons in Singapore

Some rules to abide during driving lessons in Singapore

There are certain rules and standards to abide during driving lessons in Singapore. While it is common for learner drivers to demand a set of certain standards and behaviors from the driving instructors during the lessons, the same set of standards should be expected of the learner drivers. These rules and standards will have to be applied to both the driving instructors and learner drivers. In addition, they are applied to both school driving lessons and private driving lessons in Singapore as well.

The commonly known rules and standards are:

1. No smoking during the driving lessons.
2. No taking of unnecessary breaks during the lessons. For instance, taking a break to answer a phone call.
3. No listening to headphones or earpieces during the lessons. Both learner drivers and driving instructors must be able to give and receive clear communications to each other at any one time.
4. No shouting allowed during the driving lessons.
5. No physical violence allowed during the driving lessons.
6. Both the learner driver and the driving instructor must wear proper shoes to the driving lessons. This is to ensure better control of the pedals. Having a greater control over the pedals will result in a safer and controlled driving.
7. Do not attempt to damage the vehicle, both interior and exterior areas of the vehicle.
8. Always abide by the general traffic rules during driving. The drivers must also be focused on the roads and other vehicles to promote a safe driving culture.
9. Mutual respect must be given towards one another during the driving lessons. Both driving instructors and the learner drivers should listen to each other during the lessons.
10. A quick and short briefing before the actual driving is allowed at the start of the driving lesson. This is especially important for learner drivers learning with school driving instructors as they will tend to get different instructors each time. No such issue with private driving lessons in Singapore as the learner drivers will get one driving instructor for all lessons.

Abiding by these rules and standards pave the way for effective, smooth, and focused driving lessons for the learner drivers and the driving instructors. This will maximize the positive outcome for the driving lessons.

Comparing Singapore private driving lessons and school driving lessons

Comparing Singapore private driving lessons and school driving lessons

Would you choose to take driving lessons from a private driving instructor or from driving centers’ driving instructors?

There are 3 main differences you ought to know between the 2 choices. Hence, make sure you know all the differences so that you will be able to make an informed decision.

Number one. Private driving instructors are freelance driving instructors while driving instructors from driving centers are employed by the driving centers for a fixed salary. Considering this, private driving instructors have higher motivation to teach learner drivers well as their performance affects their reputation. Their reputation will in turn affect their referrals. Ultimately, their income level will be hit. On the other hand, the driving instructors employed by the driving centers will be paid the same salary regardless of their performance. Hence, they will have less incentive to teach well. I am not saying that all driving centers’ instructors will teach badly. It is just that they will have less incentive to do so.

Number two. Private driving lessons are cheaper than school driving lessons. On average, you can expect private driving lessons to be 20% to 30% cheaper than school driving lessons. If you take 20 lessons, you can save up between $400 to $600 in total.

Number three. If you choose to have private driving lessons, you will be taught by a single private driving instructor for all lessons. On the other hand, driving centers will assign different driving instructors to you for your lessons. You may not get the same driving instructor for your lessons every time. Hence, if you take up driving centers’ driving lessons, your progress will not be tracked as well as learning from a dedicated private driving instructor. This will result in more repeated and redundant lessons and time spent on practicing driving techniques you already mastered as the instructors are not convinced of your skills.

If you wish to sign up for lessons with a private driving instructor, head over to and submit a request form. Otherwise, if you wish to sign up for lessons with driving instructors at driving centers, head over to their websites or their physical counters.

Different ways to find Singapore private driving instructors

Different ways to find Singapore private driving instructors

Singapore private driving instructors are highly demanded by the learner drivers. There is a much higher demand for the private driving instructors as compared to their supply. This is because the supply of private driving instructors has been capped since decades ago. Singapore Traffic Police has stopped issuing the license for private driving instructors decades ago (cannot remember exactly which year). Hence, there cannot have new private driving instructors anymore. Coupled with the fact that private driving instructors are retiring, the supply of private driving instructors has actually been on the slow decline year after year.

Personally, I would expect the private driving market to be completed gone in 10 years.

For now, learner drivers can still approach private driving instructors to have their driving lessons. However, how do learner drivers find them?

There have been many driving match up agencies set up to fulfill this service to the learner drivers. Driving match up agencies realize that it can be difficult for learner drivers to seek out private driving instructors themselves. This is especially true if the learner drivers’ family members and friends went to driving centers for their practical driving lessons. In such a case, the learner drivers will not be able to get referrals to private driving instructors. The driving match up agencies can match learner drivers up with private driving instructors mostly within 2 days. What’s more, their services are free! If you are interested, you can contact them here. This will be the most efficient method for learner drivers to hook up with private driving instructors.

Alternatively, if the learner drivers have family members or friends who learnt from private driving instructors in the past, they could ask them for a referral. Otherwise, they could try asking on Singapore online forums to ask for referrals to the private driving instructors. If private driving instructors are good, I am sure many people will be recommending them online.

How foreigners can convert their driving licenses in Singapore

How foreigners can convert their driving licenses in Singapore

Many long-term expats and foreign workers in Singapore encounter a similar issue: they can’t drive in Singapore as their foreign driving licenses are not recognized in Singapore.

A foreign driving license, accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by an authorised body overseas is only recognized in Singapore if the foreigners are staying in Singapore for a short period. In another words, foreigners coming to Singapore for a short visit will be allowed to drive in Singapore if they possess a foreign driving license and an IDP.

For long-term expats and foreign workers staying in Singapore for a period more than 12 months, they must obtain a valid Singapore driving license in order to drive a Class 3 / Class 3A motorcar in Singapore. In order to convert their foreign driving license, foreigners will need to pass the Basic Theory Test organized by the Singapore Traffic Police.

Next, simply head over to the Traffic Police Test Center located in the driving centers with the following documents/items in person:

1. Original and a photocopy of your passport and Identity Card
2. Original and a photocopy of a valid foreign driving license
3. One recent matte passport-sized colour photograph with a white background
4. International driving permit
5. Processing fee of $50

They should expect their driving license to be issued to them within 2 weeks from the date of application. The driving licenses will be mailed to their homes.

If foreigners want to drive heavy vehicles in Singapore, they will need to enrol in the driving centers and pass both Theory Tests (Basic Theory Test and Final Theory Test), and the practical driving test. Foreign driving license to drive heavy vehicles cannot be converted in Singapore.

Beginning your Singapore driving journey

Beginning your Singapore driving journey

The minimum age to obtain a driving license in Singapore is 18 years old. Almost everyone dream of owning a car in Singapore. Car ownership is a status symbol in Singapore. Only the well-to-do families are able to afford cars in Singapore due to their high prices.

However, despite their current financial statuses, everyone in Singapore strives to obtain a driving license as early as possible. Owning a driving license allows one to drive a car in Singapore. It is better to obtain the driving license early when people are generally less busy. When their financial statuses allow them to buy a car, they could then do it immediately. Otherwise, they will need to wait at least 6 months to prepare and pass all the exams on the first try to get their driving license. If they fail any exams, they would need to wait longer period before they get their driving licenses.

The first step towards getting a driving license in Singapore is to register for a learner driver account. People can do so at one of the three driving centers in Singapore, namely the Bukit Batok Driving Center, Singapore Safety Driving Center, and Ubi ComfortDelgro Driving Center. After registration of the learner driver account, the learner drivers can proceed to take their theory tests. For their practical driving lessons, learner drivers can choose to learn from private driving instructors or the driving centers’ driving instructors. They will learn to drive at Bukit Batok, Ubi and Woodlands. Usually, the training routes will be the same routes used for the practical tests. Instructors want their students to be familiar with the practical test routes so that they will have a higher chance of passing their practical tests.

The route to obtaining a driving license in Singapore is long but not difficult. With a little effort, everyone can get their Singapore driving license in no time!