Some rules to abide during driving lessons in Singapore

Some rules to abide during driving lessons in Singapore

There are certain rules and standards to abide during driving lessons in Singapore. While it is common for learner drivers to demand a set of certain standards and behaviors from the driving instructors during the lessons, the same set of standards should be expected of the learner drivers. These rules and standards will have to be applied to both the driving instructors and learner drivers. In addition, they are applied to both school driving lessons and private driving lessons in Singapore as well.

The commonly known rules and standards are:

1. No smoking during the driving lessons.
2. No taking of unnecessary breaks during the lessons. For instance, taking a break to answer a phone call.
3. No listening to headphones or earpieces during the lessons. Both learner drivers and driving instructors must be able to give and receive clear communications to each other at any one time.
4. No shouting allowed during the driving lessons.
5. No physical violence allowed during the driving lessons.
6. Both the learner driver and the driving instructor must wear proper shoes to the driving lessons. This is to ensure better control of the pedals. Having a greater control over the pedals will result in a safer and controlled driving.
7. Do not attempt to damage the vehicle, both interior and exterior areas of the vehicle.
8. Always abide by the general traffic rules during driving. The drivers must also be focused on the roads and other vehicles to promote a safe driving culture.
9. Mutual respect must be given towards one another during the driving lessons. Both driving instructors and the learner drivers should listen to each other during the lessons.
10. A quick and short briefing before the actual driving is allowed at the start of the driving lesson. This is especially important for learner drivers learning with school driving instructors as they will tend to get different instructors each time. No such issue with private driving lessons in Singapore as the learner drivers will get one driving instructor for all lessons.

Abiding by these rules and standards pave the way for effective, smooth, and focused driving lessons for the learner drivers and the driving instructors. This will maximize the positive outcome for the driving lessons.

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