Why Being Frugal Is Important

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Being frugal means living simply, without splurging on expensive things you don’t need. Frugal living is about keeping costs low, while still managing to live a full, happy life. Many people choose to live frugally for different reasons, but the most common one is to save money. While this is probably the number one reason for living frugally, there are many other reasons why you might want to start cutting back on your costs and embrace frugality. We’ll discuss some of these reasons in this article, and why they’re important.

You’ll Save Money

This first one is obvious, but it’s a huge factor for a lot of people. Most people who choose a life of frugality because they want to save money.

It’s basic common sense—the less money you spend, the more you’ll save. By living frugally, you’ll be spending less money on things that you don’t need, which means more money will go into your savings. It might be difficult at first to start living this lifestyle—especially if you’re used to splurging on luxuries. But you might be surprised to find how quickly you can adapt to a frugal lifestyle. Plus watching the savings pile up will be a huge motivator!

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Being Frugal Is Better for the Environment

Maybe saving money doesn’t mean much to you, but taking care of our planet does. The good news is that living frugally will both increase the amount of money you save, plus it’ll be better for the environment.

When you purchase less, that means you’re lowering your carbon footprint at the same time. As you live frugally, you’ll find that you require less. Things that break you’ll be more inclined to fix, rather than replace and throw in the garbage. You won’t over-purchase food, which means less of it will be going to the landfill when it goes bad. Clothing will either be mended or bought second hand.


All of these small things add up. Living frugally won’t fix all the problems this planet has, but it will make a difference. The less you have to go out and purchase, and the more things you buy used, the fewer things will go to waste and end up in a landfill. Over time, the work you’re putting in to live a frugal life will make a difference to the environment.

Your Life Will Be Less Cluttered

Is there anything more stressful than coming home after a long day of work, and looking at all the clutter you have lying around your house that you know you should clean up and get rid of? Good news—living frugally can fix that.

Say goodbye to messes and piles of junk when you begin your journey to frugality. You’ll start coming home to a cleaner house, and the stress of having clutter everywhere will disappear. If a clean, simple life sounds like a dream, then a frugal lifestyle could be the one for you.

Uncluttered house.  Living frugally

You’ll Be Able to Prioritize Better

One of the biggest but probably less considered benefits of living frugally is that you’ll start figuring out what your real priorities are.

When you start living frugally, you’ll have to cut a lot of things out of your life. If you like to buy expensive clothes or food or enjoy costly hobbies, you’ll have to pick and choose which of those you can transform into more frugal activities, and which you’ll have to cut completely.

If this sounds like a downside, look at it this way: when you cut out the things that don’t allow a frugal lifestyle, you’ll start seeing the things that matter to you. Maybe a hobby you have cost you a lot of money, and you just can’t justify it to yourself living frugally. If you can cut it out of your life, that means that it wasn’t a priority for you.

But maybe there is something you do that you love doing, and want to find a way to turn it into something frugal. This shows you your adaptability, while also showing you what matters in your life.

Plus, now that you’re cutting out the expensive, time-consuming parts of your life, you’ll find yourself with much more free time. You can use this newfound time to spend it with friends and family—the people who matter.

Living frugally can at first seem like a daunting task. It means cutting out so much, and changing the very way you live, right?

The truth is that living frugally can be extremely freeing. You’ll have more time for family and friends, and you’ll start to find out what truly matters to you.

It also means being kinder to the environment. As time goes on, your carbon footprint will become smaller and smaller, and the Earth will thank you.

Plus, if nothing else, it means you’ll be saving more money. And who doesn’t love that idea?